Michael Sutton Photography | Mobile phone photography classes

Do you want to learn how to create an awesome image from your smartphone?

Well its as easy as spending a few hours attending one of my classes where you will learn to get the most from the best camera you own, the one thats always with you, your smart phone.

I will teach you how to capture a clear image using the available natural light, then we will edit your photo using the best apps available for your smart phone, and finally I will show you how to share your image with your friends on social media and what hash tagging can do to help you be seen by thousands of people.

Are you still interested?

I limit my classes to 10 people at a time. Once you sign up you will receive an email asking for details on your device and experience level, from here I will recommend a few free apps for you to download to use in the class. 

Sign up here for my next class. MY class schedules can be found here.

Thank you for showing interest in my Mobile Phone photography class.

Regards Michael....